Improve Meeting Management With AI

The time spent in meetings across the business world is some of the most important time spent in any business. It’s within this time that many of the most important business decisions of any organization will be made. Despite that level of significance in some meetings, most meetings are actually much more inefficient. Sometimes this is because they run too long and waste valuable resources, other times it’s because presenters are incapable of capturing the attention of their peers online. Regardless of the why, businesses are in dire need of improving their meeting management efforts. Through the help of smart video conferencing technologies, more and more organizations are finding their meetings to be more efficient. Different AI powered technologies are providing some unique opportunities to be more efficient. For example, smart microphones capable of providing translation services in real time have become invaluable to organizations conducting international business with a language barrier present. Similarly, these artificial intelligence powered technologies are capable of scheduling meetings based on the availability of team members and the conference rooms in an office. While this functionality is clearly indispensable for many businesses, it only scratches the surface of what new and improved video conferencing equipment can do. For more information on these technologies and how they’re shaping future business meetings, spend some time reading the resource coupled alongside this post.

Improve Meeting Management With AI this infographic was contributed by SimpleUC, a premier provider of teleconferencing equipment

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